Marisa Russo

The Humanity Court came from humble beginnings

My strained relationship with my mother was due to the fact she refused ownership of the abuse I endured from the age of three. She allowed my father to physically, emotionally and sexually abuse me.  When I described the pain I experienced, my mother denied any wrongdoing and suggested I deserved the abuse. In my anguish, I pondered how I could stop the pain that was exacerbated by her denial.

I felt prompted to write a letter to a “Humanitarian Judge” in a “Humanitarian Court” to plead my case. I knew they would side in my favour so my healing could begin. I enlisted a “volunteer humanitarian judge” who sided in my favour and apologised for my pain.  The process was incredibly freeing. It relieved the pain in my heart and replaced it with a sense of deep peace. Thus, the Humanity Court was born.

spiritual justice

Why a Humanity Court?

On a daily basis, injustices are committed all around the world both in and out of legal systems. The fictitious, corrupt legal systems are often linked to one another and exist only as a facade. They should serve and protect humanity, but more times than not, they do the exact opposite. These systems fail many vulnerable victims through their anti-life policies which ultimately destroy millions of lives.

Most people know what it feels like to seek justice for violations committed against loved ones or yourself to then have them overturned, denied, dismissed or you became a target for speaking out. For this very reason, many do not seek justice against a perpetrator or a system as it can prove to cause more pain and suffering. Many people live with injustices for their entire life.

In order to assist humanity heal from the corrupt systems and overturn inhumane judgments, and suppression against them, the Humanity Court was established in 2021. 

Humanity Court is a not-for-profit online platform designed as a free spiritual court system where volunteer Humanity Judges overturn inhumane, fraudulent, unjust acts, judgments, or manipulations caused by any system, organization, or person as if they were in the “real” court system.

The Humanity Judges give a voice to the victims of injustice to reverse the psychological and spiritual damage. The Humanity Court platform validates and reverses the impact of painful experiences by restoring their innocence and adjudicating for humanity.