Application to become a Humanity Judge

Humanity Court Judge

Thank you for your support to free souls from inhumanity. The Humanity Court website operates on a volunteer basis, so we are grateful for the donation of your time and compassion.


The main requirement for a Humanity Judge is to offer compassion and understanding. The Humanity Judge application requests that you provide dates and times you are available. This can be every week to see defendants who want to book a humanity court hearing. It is best to offer one day a week for a one-hour time slot (two hearings per week). The 15 minute court hearing is scripted so it is very easy to conduct (knowledge of how to use Skype essential).

Each court hearing is 30 minutes apart. Humanity Judges receive a confirmation email once a defendant books a humanity court hearing with you. The confirmation email will supply the defendant’s Skype email address to conduct the session. 

Success Steps as a Humanity Judge.

When presenting as a Humanity Judge, kindly check the following guidelines. The following steps ensure the court sessions are conducted with integrity and compassion.

  • Take care of your defendant’s personal information. Keep it confidential.
  • Treat each defendant with respect, kindness, and non-judgment. 
  • Humanity Court Judges agree to provide unconditional, compassionate hearings (the hearings are scripted). 
  • Humanity Judges do not diagnose or prescribe. 
  • Humanity judges only offer a verdict on the damage done to an individual, not what the individual has done to another.
  • All verdicts are to be rendered not guilty and apologise as per the Court Hearing script.

How it works:

1. Complete the application to become a Humanity Judge.

2. Once approved (you will receive an email) your available dates, times etc. will be added to the Humanity Court Calendar (added in 1-2 days).

3. Defendant books with a Humanity Judge via the humanity court calendar and supplies the information pertaining to their court hearing.

4. Both Humanity Judge and defendant receive a confirmation email of the court hearing.

5. Humanity Judge sends a Skype reminder message to the defendant (date/time). If you need to cancel your court hearing, contact the defendant directly.

6. One hour prior to the Humanity Court Hearing, both the Humanity Judge and the defendant receive the court hearing script via email.

7. The Humanity Judge and defendant meet on Skype at the time of the court hearing and read their respective parts from the emailed court script (around 10 – 15 minutes)

8. Case is closed for a humanity verdict

9. A follow-up email is sent to the defendant for feedback on their experience and the option to donate to the humanity court.  

The Humanity Court Counsel reserves the right to remove Humanity Judges or cancel Humanity Court Hearings if they do not align with the Humanity Court Policies.

Application to be a Humanity Judge